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Clive Seddon is your technical contact if you need Web Hosting or E Mail


We specialize in Web Site Hosting  for the following districts


Included are Ashburton, Mid Canterbury, Methven, Mt Somers ,Alford forest, Staveley, Springburn, Ashburton Gorge, Tinwald , Allenton,  Windwhistle , Rakaia, Rakaia Gorge, Mead, Dorie , Pendarves, Hinds, Rakaia Gorge,  Highbank, Valletta, Carew , Westerfield , Lismore , Ashburton Forks, Mayfield. Anama, Montalto, Ruapuna, Lyndhurst, Lauriston , Barrhill , Hatfield, Mitcham, Rokeby, Somerton, Overdale , Chertsey , Seafield , Newland , Fairton , Dromore , Elgin,  Wakanui, Huntingdon, Riverside, Te Pirita, Hakatere, Wheatstone , Waterton , Flemington, Eiffelton, Willowby,   Longbeach, Lowcliffe, Windermere, Maronan, Lagmhore, Buccleugh , Greenstreet, Mt Hutt,  South Island,  New Zealand plus includes all the districts in Mid Canterbury.

Outside Mid Canterbury districts managed via e-mail or pre-agreed travelling terms.
Web Host for Ashburton, Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand.
Sedz Webz for Web Hosting.

Personal set-up,


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